How to Make money online in Nigeria with 1000 Naira in 2020

The amount of people asking how can you make money online with 1000 naira is really increasing fast.

I stumbled on this while doing my routine research on Google so I was triggered to making a well-detailed post of my own.

First of all. Nigerians are really looking for every possible means to make money online.

This article got you covered on how to make money online with 1000 naira.

I will show you different means of earning above N50,000 monthly.

This is the big jackpots in the game.


Well, my aim to show you how you can earn money in Nigeria with N1000 not monitor your keywords.

Recently, i wrote an article on the list of legit online business that pays you can also assess the list to see the ideas have out togther for you.

All listed ways of making money here are legit and not scam.

Some years back, i was always ready to do anything to make money except yahoo yahoo.

Yeah, yahoo yahoo is a really bad choice in Nigeria.

You might be seeing different young boys & girls making a lot of money from it but it’s not going to stay forever.

The only money that can stay forever is using your energy and working for it daily and monthly. you will be rewarded with your efforts
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Those billionaires didn’t just get up there one day, they worked hard for it so should you.

Back to my story…

I have stumbled on different fake sites that will say share your links and get $100, lol.

It was pretty funny then.

Wish you could see me when sharing my link 🙂

After sharing, the next day had to log in my account to my surprise.

I saw about $550 and i was like ahh…

Is it just by sharing my link?

I was like now I am ready to do it till they shut down.

But first, let me withdraw the money and see if it’s going to work.

Lol, these people never paid me $1 out of it…

I was like so they just deceived me sharing links anyhow, yeah that’s one of the annoying parts when your friend shares your link to join.

Then you both find out its a total scam.

So, i know how everyone feels about making money online because i have been there before.

Well, this article is totally legit and all mentioned are working perfectly.

After i discovered these pretty awesome ways to make money i have been making some real cash for myself.

Before, we get started.

I need you to know this.

Making money online in a legit way requires time and you need to be patient to get what you want, rich people got rich by doing this.
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Now its time for the big jackpot to make money online with 1000 naira.

Keep reading.

In the next few lines, I will exemplify to you the most amazing ways to make money.

Note: I will keep updating this article with new ways to make money so do bookmark this page.


It’s time to make money.

You sure going to love the below-mentioned ways.

Tip 1: How to make money with Piggyvest?

Wow, piggyvest made my first way of making money…

Why? I will explain all briefly.

Piggyvest is a platform for saving, investing and making money, piggyvest allows you save money on its platform.

Well, how can you make money from piggyvest?

See how to join piggyvest here full details explained.

Piggyvest gives you instant N1000 when you refer someone to its platform but how are you going to invest your N1000?

To activate your account you need to save at least N1000 on its platform, its not anything like NNU.

It’s registered and licensed with CBN and has been existing for years i have been using it right since 2017.

So, that’s it with making money with piggyvest. You should join piggyvest and start making money the right way.

What is the Jackpot? you can invest in people’s business on piggyvest like farm business and get profits in return more amazing ways to make money with piggyvest.

So you see why piggyvest is my first option. 🙂

Tip 2: How to Make Money selling data in Nigeria

Data reselling business is really making waves these days. you can make well over 1000 naira daily online from the business of data reselling.

The moment you start data reselling business you can make more than N1000 daily.

There are many places you can buy data in bulk and start selling.

Like Mtn data reselling, 9mobile data reselling, glo data reselling and airtel data reselling.

You should check out this piece on how to start a data reselling business in Nigeria.

What is the Jackpot? It’s sure you are going to make money from this because everyone is really looking for a cheap way to get more data and pay less.

More people keep opting into these options and you should too.

So far we have covered 2 tips on how to make money online with 1000 naira and more are still coming.

Tip 3: How to Make Money Blogging for others

Yeah, you heard me right…

You can make money blogging or others earn a lot.

Blogging is mostly about creating remarkab;e content that can get the audience engaged when they read your post.

If you noticed i never mentioned creating your own blog, you might spend time before you could start making your own money.

So, what’s the secret?

You write for others.

There are many blogs that need content writers a few days I stumbled on facebook ads from Naijatechguide specifically.

They were looking for content writers to come to join them and also write and make money while writing.

Can you see an example of what i am saying?

Entertainment blogs seem to be the big game, people from entertainment niche search for writers.

A few blogs you can contact to join their team and make money are Jaynaija, Naijatechguide and naijaloaded.

What’s the jackpot? you can work remotely, you win your time and control it.

Tip 4: How to make money Building Websites

Yeah, this is one of my biggest games.

I make money building websites for different companies who are in need.

You can also start making N50,000 per client building websites.

You don’t need to learn how to write codes I can teach the best way to build websites, tho i don’t teach without having to write codes.

But i will teach you how to build a website with WordPress without having to write codes.

If you are interested, you can contact Rivasult, feel free to contact us my team will put you through the steps.

Please note that training requires money and we are here to teach you all you need to know.

How to make money Building Websites
Creating a single page website
You can also contact me individually…

What is the jackpot? A lot of businesses in Nigeria missing out and have discovered most businesses don’t have a website.

Tip 5: How to make money from eCommerce quickly

You can make money from jumia and konga quickly.

You can make money using their affiliate programs, which involves you referring someone to buy a product using your link and you earn a commission for every sale made.

Previously on how to make money online with 1000 naira.

I talked about making money referring users to piggyvest its similar to jumia affiliate and konga affiliate.

You can huge money from eCommerce especially when its black Friday period that’s the best way to make more money quickly.

Or selling on jumia using a jumia seller account, you can join that and make more money.

If you are into mini importation this is the best place to sell your products quickly.

What is the jackpot? you can make money with three different ways of eCommerce.

Conclusion: How to Make Money Online With 1000 naira
Now, you have seen various ways to make money online with 1000 naira it’s up to you.

This is the proven method to make money online legitimately.

Which are you going to join or are you going to join all mentioned above?

I will keep updating this list with new tips to help you make more money don’t forget to bookmark this pot, aslso subscribe to my mail list to get notified when I update this article.

Share this article with your friends.

If you have any you wish I could add to this list please comment below, I will consider adding it.

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