How to Start Peanut business in Nigeria

Want to start a peanut burger business? Read on to uncover some useful tips.

Peanut burger business is a fast-selling market in the country.

It is a nut consumed by both the young and old.

Studies have also shown that Groundnut is a rich source of protein, it lowers cardiovascular disease and reduces the risk of colon cancer. As it stands, it can be consumed by all.

Peanut burger is the mixture of Groundnut with flour and some other ingredients that makes you ask for more.

Items needed to start peanut burger business

1. Stirring rod
2. Frying pan
3. Tray
4. Bowl
5. Stove, Gas cooker, Firewood

Ingredients for peanut business

1. Groundnut
2. Flour
3. Eggs
4. Salt
5. Groundnut oil
6. Sugar

Want tips on how to start peanut burger business? Check out the procedure below.

1. Learn

Every business starts with a learning process.

It is very wrong and disastrous to market a skill you know nothing about.

The truth is you won’t make sales.

Learn from someone who has years of experience in the peanut business.

Go to YouTube and watch videos that focus on how to make delicious peanuts.

There are a lot of rich content online, reach out to them.

The idea is so that you will be unique in this business.

2. Create a business plan

Your business plan should cover the quantity you want to produce, how you I tend to market your business, how you will supply customers, etc.

3. Select a location for your business

Your location shouldn’t be a hidden place, it should be where you can be easily located.

4. Know your target audience

In peanut business, it is very easy to know who your target audiences are.

Peanut can be consumed by all and sundry due to the fact that it is high in unsaturated fat and other nutrients that help to regulate insulin in the body

It can be consumed by both young and old

4. Put a price tag

Select a price that covers both production and gain.

Ensure it’s a reasonable price

5. Build influence

Network with solid people (event planner, pastor wives, etc.).

People that can influence others to buy from you.

Keep solid relationships.

6. Share/ promote on social media

You now know who your target audiences are.

Target them on Facebook ads by selecting your demographic location, interest, etc.

The truth is, not everyone likes Peanut, targeting their interest is of great importance to your business.

7. Get feedback from client

Some client prefer deep brown peanut that is almost burnt while others prefer half done peanut.

Whatever their preferences are, ensure to make the necessary adjustment and implement suggestions given by clients.

This enhances the furtherance of your business.

Final thought

Make sure your peanut is not too salty as this causes hypertension in old people, do not put too much sugar, ensure everything is balanced.

Be sure to implement suggestions from clients and knowledgeable people in your field.

With the information I have provided above, starting a peanut business shouldn’t be a problem.

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