How to Start Organic Soap Business in Nigeria

This post contains a detailed guide on how to start organic soap business.

Organic soap business is simply the production of soaps with organic materials that are free of harmful chemicals.

A lot of women out there are on the lookout for organic soap expert that can recommend or make a chemical-free product that will light up their dry skin.

Your job is to search out who your target audiences are and be of help to them.

The whole idea of starting a business is to provide answers to the needs of people.

If you don’t see how your business can be of help to people, there is no need starting cause you won’t make sales.

Organic soap business is the best option for women who seek to provide help to people with dry and damaged skin.

Want to start an organic soap business? The tips I have provided below should be of great help.

1. Learn

Organic soap business isn’t something you can venture into without learning the do’s and don’t.

There are specific soaps for different skin types.

Identify skin types is one thing, knowing what formula to make is another.

It is very wrong to assume that a product will work the same way on your clients.

To avoid complaints from clients, I will advise you to learn organic soap production from a professional skincare expert

This is so that you will be able to identify skin types, what formula can help exfoliate the skin, etc.

2. Get your equipment

Organic soap making requires a few tools and space to work in, you can make soap in the kitchen, shop, anywhere.

As your business grows, you can purchase more equipment, but the basic equipment you will need include:

Mortar and pestle
A container
A double boiler (a heated bath to melt your soap)

Materials for soap making

Ghana soap (ose Dudu)
Shea butter (ori)
Baking soda
Coconut oil
Orange peel
Aloe vera

3. Develop your brand

It’s time to develop your brand.
You might want to set yourself apart from the competition and create a product for specific customers.

Instead of channeling your energy towards diversifying your product, you can choose to be focused on making organic soap for light-skinned women.

By developing your brand, you need to;

1. Create a unique and memorable brand name
2. Use soap specific shapes in your design.
3. Design a logo for your brand

5. Find suppliers

If you intend to be consistent in your organic soap production, you will need a steady supply of organic materials.

Getting a supplier that can readily supply the materials to you is the best option.

6. Get professional advice

Sometimes the secret needed for the advancement of your business is just a visit to a professional.

Get professional tips on how to deal with clients, how to market your product etc.

7. Register your business

Get your business registered with the institution responsible for registering small businesses in your location.

8. Let your product be readily available

Having enough products on ground allows you to keep up with orders.

It’s quite painful to have orders coming in and no product offer.

On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to invest your time and money in organic soap that won’t sell.

It’s ok to be a little conservative as a beginner.

9. Brand your products

Putting labels on your product gives it a means of identification.

No one will want to buy a product void of labels

You can’t hold anyone accountable if the usage of the product has a negative effect.

On the other hand, if the product works well and you get a recommendation, how will you be identified or located, hence the need for a label.

10. Set a price

The amount to set on a product depends on the materials used during production.

The higher the materials used, the higher the price and vice verse.

You can visit soap stores around town to know the prices set for the same product as yours, to know what price to set for yours.

Do not underprice or overprice.

Ensure it’s cost of production + profit.

11. Advertise

There are several methods of advertisement you can adopt and they include:

Social media
Business cards and flyers
Word of mouth

Ensure you promote your business anywhere you find yourself.

Don’t be ashamed of what you do.

It won’t be a bad idea to carry some of your products with you everywhere.

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