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5 Proven Points To Drive Traffic To Entertainment Niche Blog in 2 Days

by Ayorinde Ayodeji

In this article, you will learn how to drive massive traffic to your entertainment Niche blog in 2 days.

Are you surprised how is that possible?

Well, i will show you the prove methods that can help you achieve that easily.

If you own an entertainment blog and you can’t get enough traffic from it then you are definitely not doing the right thing.

Most people run away from the entertainment niche because they believe it’s difficult when it comes to getting traffic.

But, the truth is…

Yes, it’s difficult but with techniques, you can make it look very simple.

I have witnessed a friend launch an entertainment blog under 1 month and get massive traffic following the steps that i will be mentioning here.

The amazing part he got more traffic than those that their blogs are 1year – 4years old.

How did you do it?

What is the essence of creating a blog and not reap the fruit put in place?

I have managed an entertainment blog once and i know how i felt while running it, it was a difficult task.

To wake up every early just to start updating the blog with contents or to start sharing already published posts to different sources of traffic.

But i was not satisfied with the results…

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The truth is i never got to find out the 5 points To drive traffic to entertainment niche blog in 2 days.

Getting traffic is different for all niches, some niches might not even require you coming online 24hours to keep your blog updated.

When it comes to entertainment niche you don’t need to start wasting your time on keyword research because entertainment niche doesn’t require keywords researching.

5 Points To Drive Traffic To Entertainment Niche Blog in 2 Days

Now, it’s time to see the 5 points that can help you drive traffic to your entertainment niche blog.

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#1 juicy headline (Using Attractive Titles)

Yeah, you heard me right…

Using attractive titles will help drive more traffic to your entertainment blogs, though you might not be using it always you definitely need to start making using of it.

The title tends to express how the reader feels about a particular topic and how they will react to it when they finally click to read it.

Let’s use a case study:

Some times Famous female bloggers (Linda Ikeji) do make use of such titles to get traffic when she was acutally coming up and up till now she still does it.

So you can see making use of attractive titles is not bad at all but a way of increasing your traffic.

entertainment niche blog juicy headline

Look at the image above that an example of a juicy headline used in a newspaper.

#2 Entertainment Blog Commenting Sites

Commenting on popular entertainment blogs with your links will help drive you’re some amount of traffic.

Why am i saying some?

Because not every blogger needs another blogger blog link on their blog comment section without them adding it.

They believe its a way of coming to steal their traffic in such ways this might not be that easy to do.

So, the technique here is to get blogs that automatically have comment approved especially for WordPress based blogs.

But, if the blog is on blogger.

Then you should be happy because this will definitely help you get some traffic through their comment section.

I could remember when linda ikeji was still making use of blogger platform this was an amazing opportunity for bloggers to make use of.

Linda Ikeji’s Blog on Blogspot

That’s all on entertainment blog commenting, don’t miss out on it.

#3 Share your Post on Social Media

An entertainment blogger should never forget social media, its an amazing place for bloggers to get drive more traffic.

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We all know social media is a place for everyone to chat, share stories and comment on things they find interesting.

So why not leverage this means?

I noticed most entertainment bloggers still not making use of social media that much they believe no one is reading or clicking because they don’t get likes on their posts.

The truth is…

You don’t need social media like what you need is the traffic coming from social media to your blog.

Always make use of social media they are a great source of traffic for everyone.

It’s not just about sharing a post on social media about giving a little description that explains what the post is all about and why they should read it.

#4 SEO is alive

Yeah, SEO is alive never you ditch it…

Imagine a world without social media, how do you get traffic?

This is why you should never forget about SEO, Search engine optimization is really an amazing source of traffic if you can make use of it properly.

You can get millions of traffic from search engines if you optimize your website/ blog properly.

Here, you will find 10 SEO factors to consider.

Since you don’t need keyword research in other to get traffic from search engines then you need to focus on ranking higher for most or all your articles.

If possible after publication always go back to that article to see how its performing on the SERP, if you can find it on top 10. Kudos to you.

But, if you can’t then you need to improve the post to rank higher.

Like consider building backlinks, and editing the post again like changing the title to beat other competitors.

#5 Join The Opera News Hub

Trust me, you can never regret using Opera news hub to drive more traffic to your entertainment niche blog.

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Opera news hub is a way for bloggers to share their blog posts on opera platforms (Opera browser & Opera news) these two apps have lots of users and you can’t afford to miss out.

I have tested this and I can assure you if #1 point is used properly you won’t regret joining the opera news hub.

The image above is one of my posts published on opera news hub can you see the views and impressions and the amazing part I keep getting traffic from the post daily.

Now, imagine i have about 200 posts with such views I will be swimming in traffic but we bloggers we are never okay with the amount of traffic we have.

Conclusion: Driving Massive Traffic to Entertainment Niche Blog

Finally, i have been able to show you amazing tips to help you drive massive traffic to your blog today.

If all these points are put in good use, you would be proud you read an article like this.

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Now i can tell you are ready to drive massive traffic to your blog in 2 days following the points mentioned above.

If you enjoyed reading this article, please let’s hear your opinion about getting traffic and if you loved the points mentioned.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends who might find it useful also.

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Miqdad March 29, 2020 - 11:23 pm

Thanks for this n it helped me rank higher

Ayorinde Ayodeji April 6, 2020 - 8:24 pm

glad it helped you


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