This article shows all the answers to piggyvest questions in other to win the reward attached.

Piggyvest is really a good platform for every kids to save for the future.

Piggyvest – formerly known as is the first online savings & investment app in West Africa and also the largest savings and investment platform/app in Nigeria.

If you wish to learn more about piggyvest read this article.

First, let me show those who are new to piggyvest how to join before i share the answers.

How to Register on PiggyVest and start Saving

I will show you how to register and start enjoying piggyvest features 

  • Visit Piggyvest Website .
  • Click on create an account after clicking the link above.
  • Fill the information and submit.
  • Do not download the app if you haven’t created an account with the link above.
  • Now Download its Mobile App from play store or app store.
  • And you ready to start saving.
  • Now you can make money by referring to people also.

Note: If you don’t register with the link above you will miss getting N1000 bonus, also complete setting up your account in other to start making money from piggyvest while saving.

Answer to All PiggyVest Questions and Earn Free Points Now

1. How many products does PiggyVest have? 

PiggyVest has 6 unique products. Piggybank Savings, Flex Naira, Safelock, Target Savings, Investify & Flex Dollar

2. How many times can you fund your Flex wallet with your Flex Account Number 

You can fund your PiggyVest unlimited number of times in a day, and it’s also 100% FREE. No charges.

3. Which product can you use to automatically deposit funds daily, weekly, monthly 

Piggybank savings allows you save automically daily, weekly or monthly. Simply turn on Autosave within Piggybank, set the amount you want to save and the frequency. Piggybank savings is like your digital kolo. You’re the boss of your savings, save how you want.

4. How much is 10 points worth when you convert to cash? 

1 piggy point is worth ₦10. You earn Piggy points when you fund your Piggybank savings with ₦2,000 using Autosave or Quicksave.

5. Which product gives you Piggy points when you deposit over ₦2,000? 

Piggybank savings is the only Product right now on PiggyVest that gives Piggy points

6. How much interest can you earn per annum with Flex Dollar? 

You earn 7% per annum with Flex dollar. Interests on your Flex Dollars are accrued daily but paid monthly. Purchasing and liquidation rates are dependent on market.

7. Which of these products give up to 24% per annum in returns? 

You can earn up to 24% per annum with Investify. Investify allows you access pre-vetted low-medium risk primary and secondary investment opportunities easily with any amount you have. No hidden fees/charges.

8. Do you earn interests when you top up an existing Safelock greater than 90 days long? 

You can earn interests when you top up an existing Safelock that is greater than 90 days. The interest rate is prorated based on the duration left in the Safelock.

9. What is the minimum number of days you can create a “Target savings” for? 

30 days is the minimum duration for a Target Savings. You can save towards multiple goals on your own or with a group while earning 10% per annum.

10. How many times a year can you withdraw for FREE from your Piggybank Savings (Core Savings)? 

There are 4 FREE withdrawals days with Piggybank Savings by default. You can set your withdrawal days on your own or use the default withdrawal days on the app (31st of March, 30th of June, 30th of September, 31st of December annually).

Now, you can enjoy the reward given to you from piggyvest.

If you have any issue please leave a comment below…

Today, you will see the full guide on how to pay for cable TV subscriptions with Rubies bank.

Do you know Fintech is transforming really fast in Nigeria?

The number of fintech innovations is increasing really fast.

If you ask me what is Rubies bank?

well, I will don’t be in a rush am about to explain it to you 🙂

With rubies bank, you can pay for DSTV, GOTV, TSTV, STARTIMES, KWESE TV, IROKO TV and more without having to pay other charges.

Rubies bank is similar to ALaT by wema a digital banking platform also in the fintech sector.

If you ask me why should i use Rubies bank?

Well, rubies bank is actually new in the game and its ready to stay and give all its best to make sure you enjoy financial freedom.

Why is rubies bank giving zero charges?

I think its because they are owned by highstreet microfinance banks which is am MFB.

Am sure you know what MFB does?

Well, MF banks function like normal banks but they are for micro-savings not like saving 20 million or 30 billion like davido, lol.

If you still confused about what MFb means this is for you.

Microfinance is a category of financial services targeted at individuals and small businesses who lack access to conventional banking and related services.

We have more than 100 microfinance banks in Nigeria and most are licensed by CBN including highstreet MFB.

There are nine major categories financial institutions including central banks, retail and commercial banks, internet banks, credit unions, savings, and loans associations, investment banks, investment companies, brokerage firms, insurance companies, and mortgage companies

If you are still worried about how to get your rubies bank free atm, check out this guide.

If you are willing to run your own mini bank, Rubies serves as the platform for you to do that freely.

You simply on-board your own “banking customers” using your unique link and every time your customer does a transaction, you earn money.

Rubies bank wants everyone to take a piece of the pie.

Let’s get started.

What is Rubies Bank?

Rubies is a fully digital banking platform, offering zero-fee banking targeted at millennials, young professionals, SMEs, quasi-financial institutions and fintech companies.

Rubies bring new concepts to Banking Technology, Marketing and Engagements Powered by Cloud Technology, AI and analytics.

Rubies have taken the disruptive and unorthodox approach to market using advocacy-based techniques such as Independent Banker, freelance Brand Ambassadors, and direct data-driven marketing.

It provides banking functions much like any other banking solutions but it offers much more than most banking app.

I wrote an article about piggyvest a platform where you can save and make money easily.

What makes Rubies different from other banks?

The cost is driven down to near zero.

This makes it possible to waive charges and avoid all the “hidden” charges that traditional banks levy their customers.

For interbank transactions, Rubies charges N21 (instead of N52 that traditional banks charge).

This being the cost of the transaction payable to the switches, while Rubies earns nothing.

How to Pay for Cable TV Subscription on Rubies Bank

  • Login to your account and click on Pay Bills
  • If you haven’t downloaded rubies bank click for either android or IOS
  • Click on Cable TV
  • Select which cable TV you wish to renew its subscription
  • Fill the details and complete the payment

Rubies are here to disrupt and give every individual control of their banking experience as well as financial freedom.

Start making use of rubies bank today for your banking needs.

You have successfully paid for your cable TV, if you are still having any issues please comment below

So, i want to do bonaza.. 🙂

yeah, you probably wondering why should I download & use this free WordPress theme I am sharing.

This theme is well optimized and I have done some basic edits to it to make it awesome.

Well, I have been receiving different emails from users talking about they like the theme and now I have decided to give it out freely without asking you for a dime.

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First, i was on using a blogger blog to run my personal blog and later i had to switch to WordPress because am not a blogger blog fan.

I have been using this blog since the last year 2018 but I had to redirect the domain to my other blog but now am back on it.

Now, i am using this blog to share valuable tips and ways to help improve your blog and improve yourself as a person.

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If you ask me what is special about this theme well I would say everything about it.

Some will say why did I stop using it, the truth is I don’t say one place for too long, lol 🙂 just like the rich trying to become richer they don’t want to remain in the same position.

Let’s keep the story for another day…

This theme is was not created by me, its a theme on ThemeForest as we all know ThemeForest is the largest theme provider or I can say a property of Envato.

How to Design Deegeek Old WordPress theme

Steps to follow:

After downloading the theme, install and also activate the required plugins.

If you take a look at my own screenshot of how the theme looks like you will be surprised that why is yours different, well I did a little tweak to it.

  • Applying specific changes like custom CSS.
  • Applying specific theme changes.
  • Optimizing for speed too.

I might not remember all the changes but its pretty easy.

You don’t have to import any demo, the theme is straight forward and easy to configure and play around it.

Assign a menu to the theme

  • Go to appearance -> menus
  • You will see a full menu displayed, just go to the bottom and check display location “header”
  • Click Save menu

After that, if you wish to use a custom home page you can create one, I have made the documentation attached to the theme file too.

How to Tweak the Theme Settings to Mine

We are doing the theme settings together after that we move to custom CSS:

  • Go to the Theme options panel, navigate to the header section, for the header select “minimalist“.
  • Off sticky header and add your logo.
  • On the footer section enter your copyright text and also off footer-logo.
  • Leave the advertising section, that’s where you play your part you know 🙂 adding ads and co.
  • A blog to the Blog section on the theme options panel on the blog section you will see a dropdown.
  • On the global option, scroll and turn off the global counter, turn off display Category Select Box on Filters, turn off display Category Select Box on Mobile.
  • Lastly, turn off display Search Box on Filters and turn off display Author Select Box on Filters.
  • Click Grid post and disable the author resource counter.
  • That’s all for the tweaks, don’t forget to also add your social profiles.

How to Style The Reco Theme like Deegeek

Now its time to design the geeks way…

Navigate to the theme options panel, then go to the styling section this is where all the magic happens.

Under styling navigate to body background now set your background color to white using: #ffffff

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Don’t be surprised by the magic the header on your site is not showing the menu 🙂

Now do the basic styling by changing the default reco pink and yellow color to the color of your choice.

Now navigate to the header and set the header background color to black or the color you wish the header. Also, check other subsections on styling if the pink and yellow is not set.

Now that’s all.

So after designing the theme again to share this tutorial I had to design something like that again as you can see above.

How to Optimize for Speed on the Reco Theme

  • Go to theme option, click optimization
  • Enable speed optimization
  • Turn on move jquery to footer
  • Turn on all lazy load option

I could remember the first time i used it, I had to use custom CSS that is adding my own CSS to the theme then the author was having issues with the styling so I had to do it manually the same with the footer I had to remove some codes from the theme.

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But the new update has it all fixed.

Now, you have downloaded and customized my theme the way I used it.

Comment below if you love the theme and also share this post with others who might love this theme also.

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