How to Grow your Business with Email Marketing

Marketing and advertising strategies are at a time of extreme competitiveness. On the one hand, the quality of the campaigns developed by the creative teams and agencies, and on the other hand the volume of advertisers wanting to stand out and have the best positions in Prime Time, at the most viewed time of the week. A profitable business for chains, expensive for the rest.

A business where not all of them come in, where advertising spaces function as a filter, letting only a smaller group of advertisers pass by who have as their common denominator a large annual budget to invest in advertising media such as TV, digital or the press. Large multinational companies that can tackle the price of being in privileged area of the exit grid.

In advertising strategies, the goal isn’t always based on searching at the moment with the highest audience, or being on screen for more minutes. Some advertisers make strong investments to secure “a place” in the most view, betting everything on one color: being in the top of mind, at any price.

However, digitization has influenced a company’s strategic planning and how, giving way to deeper goals that pursue a more important event for any company’s business: Goal, sell.

In this sense, the investment in digital advertising has only increased from birth to exceed the budgets of other advertising channels such as radio, the written press or outside advertising; Positioning itself on the front line, only surpassed by the budget of “the T-Shows”.

Segmentation & Measurement

The reason for the rise of digital investment in whether it is in the development of the medium. How many people read the paper and how many people read the news on the Internet? But also in the capabilities offered by the Internet as a means, in terms of segmentation and real-time measurement.

Segmentation is a key point where the benefit is not only in being able to segment a group of people more likely to buy your product, but the possibility of being able to offer a personalized message to each target, according to the tastes of each one, makes the digital medium a unique medium with unique competitive advantages.

Measurement, the other pillar for Email strategies where measurement is presented as an advantage and as an important point to measure the campaign in terms of coverage (shipments), quality of impacts (opening of emails) and the objective that is pursued with the shipment (product sale, registration, confirmation of attendance at an event, complete an incomplete process).

In this sense, Email Marketing strategies excel in digital strategies, not only important, but also necessary to reach a group of people, regardless of the number, customizing the message: coverage, segmentation, customization.

Email Marketing apps vary depending on the purpose and intent with which it applies, it is a way to reach your customers to communicate a product offer, cross-sell, a way to be able to loyalty, and also to reach potential customers, is a way to inform and confirm a process that involves your customer , such as confirmation of a registration, or confirmation of a sale.

Setting an example to today’s “department stores”, such as Amazon, Ebay or even the English Court use this channel for various purposes:

Types of Emailing

  • Registration confirmation
  • Process information: When purchasing a product, from the confirmation of the purchase, through the shipping information and the product track, delivery confirmation
  • Requesting information from the user: value the product you just purchased
  • Remarketing: Finish the process of selling a product that you left in the cart, information about a product that you have consulted and that has changed its price, memory of some product for which you have shown interest, but have not come to buy.
  • Offers: Widespread discount offers such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, sending coupons, specific offers of lines that you may be interested in.

Sending emails helps you strengthen ties with your customer, but it’s also a sales channel that has a higher revenue return than other channels like RRSS. If you’re clear that Email Marketing should be part of your communication, retention, and engagement strategy, consider several points before making the decision of who and why.

Email Templates
Templates that are customizable, that adapt to all devices: Responsive email plans (PC, Tablet, Mobile) that are simple to design and adapt to your need. There are companies that offer quality, customizable and free templates that you can do in a few minutes.

Ability to send mass mails
To be able to send to your entire database, or only a few. It will depend on your purpose, the object of the shipment. What’s not enough is to have a tool with which you can run any shipment, no matter how many people you want to reach.

Email Automation
One of the secrets of Emailing, and optimal performance, is the time when the sending is made. Manage times according to the different processes and events that are likely to make a shipment. So important is to know that a user left a product in the shopping cart, as being able to schedule an automatic shipment to that user after a reasonable time, with the product that interests them, and that it does not pass months.

Ability to adapt to your business: Do you sell products on your website? Find it easy to sync your shipment with the product feed you sell.

The secret to success when it comes to planning to achieve a goal, part of an X-ray that faithfully shows, the state and needs, in this case professionals, that your business is crying out for you. So important to analyze, so importantly the conclusions, so important to take the appropriate, necessary and accurate measures.

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