About Me

How it all started, sit back because you got a lot to know about me and how deegeek came up.

Learning. Improvement and success are the keys to achieving what your goal.

First, I want to say welcome to deegeek and joining the family was really an amazing idea.

Who is Deegeek?

Deegeek is not just a blog you visit without getting what are looking for if such happens then I haven’t done a great job.

deegeek logo

Deegeek is a blog where I share useful content on blogging, money-making, traffic growth and how to become a Geek.

When I mean becoming a Geek I mean learning web design, graphics design, writing codes, Geek culture and lot more.

You about to get geekified here!!

Deegeek has more to offer to help business and individual become a better person.

Well, that’s all about Deegeek. So let’s see who made it all happen.

Who is Ayorinde Ayodeji (Geek Deelino)?

Yeah, am a simple guy…

I’m Ayorinde Ayodeji known as Geek Deelino I am a digital marketer, full stack developer and a blogger here on deegeek and faqontech.

That’s me.

Ayorinde Ayodeji

I am the brain behind Deegeek, I founded it 2018 and how did I come up with the name?

Well, my nickname explains the name Deegeek, are you still confused? Let me explain.

Convert Deegeek to The Geek, ooh now you understand 🙂

Deegeek is all about me and I am the only one managing it and the only one making use of it.

Why use .com.ng? It’s a personal blog and anything works fine, but it explains I am a Nigerian.

Lastly, I created deegeek to help businesses and also teach individuals how to increase their traffic, money making and how to blog or improve their blog.

In short words I want to motivate people and also help them become something better.

Finally the end of the story…

I will keep updating this page with new stories and achievement as time goes on.

Thanks for joining the geek family, you can contact me if you need any.

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